Mek week 2 this stuff really works! Life is like a reflection lets embrace it

So there has been lots of major breakthroughs, was talking with davene and she pointed out i was treating my friend in the glass like a different person when its me. I was ready to accept that reality. I had to talk to them like a different person at first because I used to hate what I saw. Now I can love the guy staring back at me. Been reading the DMP everyday with enthooooooooosiam and manifesting stuff like fucking crazy! Started to let go of everything heavy and asked myself. Whys it gotta be so heavy all the time? Whys the process gotta be hard? Why don’t we flip the script and make the process fun! Theres been so much going on my heads been spinning! Im excited to give you guys a more detailed update on Friday and there’s going to be some crazy shit in there! Seeing blue rectangles everywhere! For now im going to hit the blue rectangle that says publish up top and get to work! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 😀

MKE week 1 round 3

starting this year with a little catch up but I’m so much more determined and much more excited this year! got one of my best buddies doing it with me this year and I’m super excited about that!!!!! I am friends with my friend in the glass already and talk to him a lot nowadays! leading up to this I was reading the action scroll and even though I finished my application this week I have been on scroll 1 doing my reads. got like 3 sits in this week too! just making it more fun and I’m excited to keep going where no one is willing to go. little did I know years ago when I first started diving inside and facing all the ugly dark painful things in my mind and my heart that I’d find the one thing everyone is looking for on the inside! just sent the guy in the glass poem to a passenger I had last night. literally told me that I saved him from killing himself that night with some different perspectives. one thing I did to was look my friend in the glass in the eye in front of him and say “I fucking love you!” all this did was show him it was possible! I’m excited to spread some more love to this person and everyone else. first I must keep working with my friend for more love, compassion, and forgiveness to myself so that I can give others the same grace! here’s to another kick ass year! had 3 different hospital visits in the past 48 hours while covered head to toe in hives and itching profusely. its a different kind of hell! especially when they are on your hands and feet. spreads anywhere I scratch but not contagious. my body has been through hell these past couple days, made the sit super hard when you’re that itchy but went 30 minutes today! Ill have my first rough draft DMP in tomorrow night as I finish catching up! 😀 I’m fired up for this this year! survey is in and this part is in now! lets keep moving forward!!!!!!

Mke week 19

Almost caught up now it’s men a little nuts juggling however my mind is strangely at peace through the chaos.  There was a point last week that I let myself fall behind a bit because of the snow and the risk versus reward of me going out and driving in it. I needed something I need to remind myself of some good things and I remembered that beast that I was on the Spartan course and on those mountains. I needed to bring that guy out again. So even though I hadn’t run in a couple months and the snow is knee deep I went on a run for about 9 miles in boots that were tearing up my feet and tueni degrees outside. Got my goals written out for the week and knocking them out 1 by 1. Just because you get knocked down doesn’t make it the end of your story I take it as the start of my comeback story. Let’s get it!

Mke week 18

Making some decent progress catching up but not as much as I would like this week has been a cluster fuck.  I have so much to be grateful for I was access to the place that I had for building my business however I feel less worried than I would have been any other time. I’ve Ben meding some relationships and working hard to establish my leadership with the group and then doing my best to motivate people and also to make sacrifices so I can be there for them.  I have had the old blue print fight me back hard like harder than ever I’m having more trouble now can I had over the off season while I was doing the stuff on my own. Flight I’m also just looking at when I’m at now looking at about how it said I had let back in through the week and I’m just feeling wake mark was talking about when we had to put our DM p’s in the trash. It’s just not satisfying. I need to put more focus on the good and put more joy into these habits and exercises. Right now the goal looks daunting and feels impossible but I know that’s only an illusion.  I collected a decision today for my business got multiple invites out and did my part on that front I’ve been getting better with picking up the phone.  I’ve seen so many people succeed at this network marketing thing and I’ve seen many of them do it within a month’s time to a few months time. So why not me? I guess it’s only talk to imagine it because I haven’t been there but I need to trust myself and I need a trust all of the experience I’ve gotten to this point I’ve worked sales and every job I’ve ever worked I need to take that same confidence into selling for my company. Still haven’t really gone through my go pro notes as much as I should have either. I definitely have plenty of Room to grow and plenty of Room to step up. I have materials that no one in my team has and I have resources that alot of people don’t have just stuff that I’ve collected over the years and this go pro notebook has a lot of golden ideas in it.  It’s time to study and apply and as I start figuring out what works I will be more than happy to share it with the team and use it to help duplicate.  The Rhomboid in my back has so much better after going and getting a massage the lady has been a massage therapist for 21 years and oh man she can talk lol. She said I was the 2nd tightest person in their back that she has had in her time. I worked my way up to doing a session of 50 Pullups and felt great.  The next day that muscle was re aggravated and I couldn’t do any. Did some stretching and hit the roller today I knocked out about 12.  My back was so messed up because I was doing 50 or more pull UPS A-day and not stretching enough. Strangely those are my favorite types of workouts strangely because most people hate them. I love pull UPS and burpees because you get a lot of results for not so many reps.  If you do 50 pull UPS A-day your back will look like a superheroes back I’m not kidding. Definitely helps a lot with the pecs and shoulders as well as abs.  I’m excited to be able to get back into a workout routine because that has helped so much in every other area when I can do that but when I can’t it kind of f**** me in every area and it sucks because I have missed on a big outlet also I’ve eaten like ship over this last month or so so these low handles are coming in hot.  Thankfully ones I can fully work out and keep going hard they should leave faster than they came.  Everyday and every way I’m always getting better and better. When people ask me how I’m doing if I can’t give a positive response I always respond with I’m always getting better.

Mke week 17

This week brought a lot of change. I know I’m a little bit behind on posting However I am also trying to focus on what’s best for my health as i juggle my way through. Called 5-10 people a day this week. Keeping the team on the same page feels like a fulltime job though. I decided to miss goalsetting last night for my mental health sake. Prepared everything for the event and lots of no shows thats ok i can grow from it. This guy whos in my upline invited me along on a hike then when im almost all the way there uninvites me which i get to talk to him about now. Pretty fucking rude to do that if you ask me. I just want some people to work with that will respect the work im putting in. Ive been making lots of sacrifices for the team yo go unnoticed and im doing my best to keep leading with kindness but its been getting harder and harder. The dude who’s my upline has flaked on me for about 4 events in a row. I just dont fucking understand it. He literally helped me schedule the fucking things! I cant hold anyone else to my standard and thats ok but obviously i must be missing something. Idk how i dont get any damn respect after all the work im putting in for the team. Im doing my best to keep the mindset of “we” while everyone else has the mindset of “me.” How do you keep a positive attitude towards others who obviously dont show much respect back toward you. Its like that post mark j showed people just putting on these feel good goalsetting workshops but not seeming to care if you’re not on an autoship. Im grateful for it though becauae at least im seeing more of what not to do so i can lead a better example for the people that are willing to step up with me and get bloody and bruised in the trenches. I need some people that are willing to follow me into battle but i need to keep stepping up. I see netsork marketing as a viable vehicle to help lots of people. Ive just gotta trust the process. If i do the work then the results have to come, right? Im putting a lot on my plate but my body can adapt or die i dont mind dying on the battlefield at least if that happened id go out giving my all. Im going to start edifying different people and finding more people in my company to work with if this trend keeps up. Might have lost my spot downtown too for meetings. After i got the green light to invite the whole team out for a training that he wanted to gove mapping everyone to one star he invited everyone out to this retarded ass ecstatic dance thing after i sent all the invites. When he invited me i said no and stuck to the original plan to so i could train myself instead of getting trained. The code was changed and my friend who owned the building had sold it. Ive been making lots of calls and they are tunning it by their board before letting me know if i can keep using it.. ive always used it afterhours and always left it better than i found it. Told them i just wanted to call and give the courtesy if asking permission. They seemed to really respect how nicely i asked. If i dont get a call yoday then i get to be the squeaky wherl tomorrow. For now i have some webinars to catch up on