Mke week 9

Almost fully caught up, been working hard and also cutting up shapes, the room is under dream wall construction at the moment and it’s been a challenging week, we got a few days of snow since we had a huge snowstorm! Worst I’d seen in a while. Been visualizing mt kilimanjaro quite a bit this week it’s been popping up everywhere in my head, then I thought to myself why not manifest it being free? I’ll plan for it as if it wasnt but why not give it a go? I mean crazier things have happened right? I’m imagining myself with that kili warriors group since you have to hire porters, it’s a 6 day journey up kilimanjaro. Tallest free standing mountain I  the world, its nickname is the roof of Africa. Sits above 19,000 feet and its snowcapped on the equator. At first I was thinking July but lately I’ve been thinking I should see when the great migration is as well maybe hit 2 in 1 on the trip. I’ve been imagining some different ideas to better immerse myself in my dreams before they get here. I’ve been noticing more cement that I get to work on too on these past few days as well, I’m having so much trouble with the sits, I’m thinking of starting back at the beginning on the sits, if I’m going to do something I should do my best to do it right, how cool would it be to hit all those meditations without missing a day?

Mke week 8

Sorry I’m behind on this post I have had a crazy week but I am starting to get a handle on it. Got mostly caught up so far and the plan to finish catching up this week and look to have this Room finished this week with all of my triggers on my walls and ceilings with the shapes last year my hardest time was focusing on the shapes believe it or not.  Making sacrifices left and right and making things happen with the business things are coming together and people are being attracted in I’m improving on following up with people and too sweetie back ou Making sacrifices left and right and making things happen with the business things are coming together and people are being attracted in I’m improving on following up with people and to reach back out. I can get a stranger’s phone number like nobody’s business.  In the last few months I have added well over a 142 my list I have been getting more desire to stop focusing on growing the list and to distort focusing on the list because at the lot of people and I don’t want to leave them all hanging. Getting more confident with sharing my company’s message and growing as a presenter and growing as a leader I’ve shown up on time to more things consistently then I have probably in my life lately. Giving a lot out of the scroll reads and the DMP reads for sure. Then getting universal science left and right when I was rewatching the compass analogy I pulled a pair of sweatpants out of the drawer because I was freezing my ass off and under the pants they just sat a compass.  Been learning a lot and more each day I feel like I’m taking a big step forward. Just gotta keep putting 1′ in front of the other and taking one step at a time looking forward to being back on track and Crush the rest of this course

Mke week 7

Another crazy week however I’m proud of myself with how I have held up with everything my plate has been Fuller than ever has in I have been keeping up pretty decently I fell behind some on my exercises so I am getting all caught up this weekend as well as into this week I plan on Wednesday to be doing a bunch of the Room remodel at least continuing that because I can’t put the goal stuff around the whole house because I’m in my mom’s house and unfortunately don’t have a say with that however I can make every square inch of my Room radiate my goals in dreams as well as my mirror in my bathroom and how my car is and there’s definitely ways that I can be creative in immersing the stream and creating in a reality and I really likes the whole idea with the coffee thing that mark and Davine did I’ve been brainstorming similar ways to do that.  Things are going to get better they have to get better I’m planning to double down even more on these exercises got a pretty decent start today just got to put 1′ in front of the other and take it one step at a time. it’s time to override the old blueprint!

Mke week6

This week has been nuts I have had my plate more full than it has been in a while but I say challenge accepted because I’m not staying down this last month was full of adversity by I’ve gotten through it I survived it I’m on a new day and today is going to be better I’m grateful for all the experiences I get both good and God but good for what it is and the badd for the lessons. For example I got put into a worse position with how many rides I need to do this weekend and lost a few hours out on the road today however I’m grateful because even though it cost me some money. I would rather not have put on it I got to learn how to replace a car battery. I put my foot down this week when my mom was telling me pretty much to settle and kind of told her where I stand in a very polite way by also very firm.  I have Ben a little bit behind on some of my exercises however I’m dedicating most of Monday to playing catch up. Ben learning more every day and every day I feel I creams coming closer it’s hard to shake the feeling of doubt sometimes bites one of the guys and my mastermind group shared some of his story and that really how conspire me to cut not doubt away and to think even more boldly.  But I am working on this thing called network marketing and I’m so in it die I have quit my day job I’m doing over full time and spending has much time as possible around these guys that are in my area that are super big in the business my friend Tom is really really big in the business on top of that these are just some genuine people that I get to learn and grow from the challenge for me has been fitting everything in between bowling working out each day getting my presentation together for my company studying for my company stuff following up with 3 or more people A-day scheduling times to meet with everybody and doing master key is well I also have been somehow finding time to squeeze in with family and also have found some time to gain in for myself however the part that is lacking in my life is the sleep I do not get enough sleep and a lot of times my sleep becomes a sacrifice for me getting the things I need to get done. To be continued

Press release 2019

I wake up in the morning in a very comfortable bed that doesnt hurt my back feeling amazing i start the day with my sit and stretch brush teeth shower etc, then I take my tube slide downstairs all the way to the basement. as I leave the tube slide it lets off in the back of my own pro shop where i drill my own balls. as i walk out of the pro shop I see four amazing bowling lanes  all of my equipments is up on the racks on one side and house balls for when i have guests are on the racks on the other side. these arent just any bowling lanes these are interactive bowling lanes. so when I have bowling parties its like nothing my guests have experienced before. the carpet feels great on my feet as i walk toward the comfortable bowlers area i have set in front of the pinsetters where the computer controls are and my bowling shoes are. I lace them up and get about 20-30 games worth of practice just because I dont have to pay for games and I love getting to bowl that much. when I am done bowling and go upstairs to make breakfast I check the mail and see an abundance of sponsorship offers from big name companies all who believe in my abilities on the lanes enough to pay me for them to give me all the gear I want for free. I get to go into every tournament using the best of the best equipment. I get to travel all over the world on a whim just because I want to go there. my business had given me the finances necessary to completely and comfortably have full control over my time, I am the best boss I ever had and I live a life full of abundance in happiness, love, and money.  I have a massive team and am in a huge position of influence in my business because my heart is genuine when dealing with people. I get the pride of knowing I made a difference in other peoples lives by making a difference in my own life. I get to bowl on t.v regularly. as I reach the top of the step ladder match in the PBA finals i prevail because of my exceptional fundamentals. my mind is clear on the approach everything feels right, I know i have already won because unlike my opponent I have subby on my side. I have 40 billion neuro workers helping me stay on top of it. as we are bowling it comes to the last frame. because of his miss in the 8th frams and my string of strikes i have a considerable lead. as the tenth frame comes up I strike out and close my opponent out for the win. I feel amazing! it feel like fireworks going off inside me! despite any naysayers I have accomplished everything I have set out to do up to this point.  My organization in youngevity is massive  And is a representation of how much I’ve lead with my heart continued to be my best self and just loved everyone. I feel incredible And have done some incredible feats with the human body like finishing a Spartan ultra, and iron man, and a death race. Somehow managed to make it through Without any major changes to my body I have optimal health and feel amazing.   I’ve summited mt. Kilimanjaro  Which is considered The Roof of Africa its the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. I’ve built some pretty nice and teens in Colorado San Diego Hawaii and New Zealand. All of my bills are paid in full and I have more than enough money to do   What ever desire is on my heart.  If it is invented in my lifetime I would love to go to the moon and back.  I’m addicted to self growth and everyday my habits improve.  I have autonomy of my schedule.  It feels incredible that my funds come to me residually and I have the extra funding do why I am passionate about and to connect and be with people.  I’m sacrificed lots of nights out with friends and different habits didn’t take me towards my goals in order to get here. I’ve shown perseverance and heart,  Because of my ability to dig deep and bring out my best  A inspires my supporters and takes the souls of my doubters. I strive to do the things they are on my heart and make my heart feel full and happy. I live like others cant because I do what others wont. And more importantly I love like others wont. My love is the most powerful tool at my disposal. I have more love to Give to others because I love myself. I’ve grown to be an exceptional observer, listener, and person. My leadership abilities have skyrocketed and I take pride in leading from the front. It’s become easy to eat healthy and I’ve discovered lots of great healthy options that I love and that my digestive system loves as well. Because of my commitment to being my best self Iattract a beautiful woman and partner who is driven, addicted to self improvement, genuine, and loves me for me, and has a beautiful heart. We are responsible for own own happiness and add to eachothers happiness. I go out on adventures all the time and make every single day I get count. I’m grateful for my life, I love my life and I love to make positive impact in other peoples lives. Everyday I wake up it gets easier and easier to choose greatness and earn it everyday

Mke week 5

The no opinions thing is definitely a challenge especially when you are getting booted the same  Week from the roommates for someone who’s offering to pay more. The shitty part was how my roommates went about it I definitely didn’t deserve that but it’s OK I kept composure even had the patience to hear and ask for their perspective on the story which helps. Right now I’m working on forgiving because I feel like forgiveness is for the person doing the forgiving. When we hold Grudges  It lets people walk around our head and hearts with their dirty feet. Definitely gained a lot more lessons from this experience and I’m grateful even though the last 4 weeks have been fucking nuts.  Lots of bad circumstances but instead of feeling the rain I’m just getting wet. I’ve been doing my best to keep up on the exercises although I’ve definitely missed some while allowing myself to get too deep in thought. I love to analyze things. For example when I do things like bowling I’m focusing on things like  Posture,  Feet,  Elbow, wrist, finger placement, follow through, lift, balance, and speed. Along with many other factors depending on what happens on the lane. Managed to move  All of my stuff from the place in Boulder in 2 days. Got a 1/2 a week’s notice. In the last 4 weeks of craziness I’m proud of how I’ve stayed positive as best I can. In those moments where I was alone and didnt really have anyone to talk to. I was able to keep positive by looking at myself in the mirror in the eye and saying “I love you” or “you’re stronger than this.” Another subconscious thing that helps a lot is when I cant answer with something positive I just say “I’m always getting better” and throw as much belief as I can at it.  I’ve got my eyes focused on November 14th which will be the official start to doing Thursday night meetings every week in Denver. Going to start at 3 follow UPS A-day and work my way up to 10  Maybe 20 to 30. Time to make some things happen

Mke week 4

This week was crazy lots of mixed emotions and healing. Today I went to my friend’s funeral and that definitely stung but strangely at this point I also felt numb.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve handled death plenty of times already in my life and my mind is just calloused over. Same thing with a lot of challenges a lot of things that use to break me down and just keep me there don’t do the same thing anymore. That is one thing that I’m grateful for is far as my past and as far as the things that I have gotten to Overcome. Struggled a little bit on exercises this week I am getting all caught up now. Finally getting my health back in check after a summer full of injuries. Got myself into a 50 mile bike ride in like a week in a half. I dont even have a bike let alone havent ridden in 2 years at least. I am however still in pretty good shape but the longest I’ve ran straight through was about 8 miles. First thing in the morning I’m starting to run each day leading up to it. My friend is trying to convince me to go vegan. (Fat chance) he says hes going to outlast me. Maybe he will maybe he wont I’m just going to focus on my pace and energy levels to take me the long haul. I’m already in decent shape.  The bike trail is from boulder to Denver. 25 each way and I hear it’s pretty hilly and should be a difficult ride.ive got a week and a half to prepare make sure to get good rest and eat before. I do some pretty intense workouts and I like my heart I’m finishing this thing no matter what! We are following it with a 20 mile hike the next day. He wants to soak in boulder creek for 10 minutes after. Time to start taking those cold showers to prepare my body.  Par ghats back into again then sweet and with 2 friends funeral now that the funeral is passed I can start really focusing on the growing for the future. This one stung for sure. Went to casa bonita with the family and stuck to my word and stayed out and made some money last night.along with masterkey I still like to read. This book called “cant hurt me” by David goggins it’s an incredible book and his story is motivating as fuck! Strangely the funeral I was mostly numb. I’ve seen death so many times before that it’s just familiar. Is it normal to be numb to seeing death after so many times? I think it’s time to go all in on these habits especially these sits which have been the biggest challenge for me