MKE the discovery week 27

this week was even more nuts! before graduation day my guide told me one thing that really resonated. I was beating myself for falling into bad habits but then he said to just focus on the good ones and the bad will fade. that’s exactly what I did. getting all those reads in and stuff even though I didnt get to everything through the course and have so much to improve on. when I do my reads my biggest strength to it is my belief. its hard getting myself to really celebrate a bunch for myself with small stuff. not sure why. maybe some fear of what others think is there and its time to break that barrier. one step at a time. I’ve been patient with myself and been giving 100 percent. not beating myself up when i dont get to everything I want to so in a day. I tend to try and make every day count. I know it sucks not having a lot of free time, however I know that this shall pass. I’ve been manifesting some people to build network marketing business with. a whole group of young people my age making money just moved into town and ive been collaborating with them recently. we went to church together the first time we met and it was powerful. we did some prospecting after church and one of them was surprised i got a number from this guy lol I got two contacts out of the two I asked. not trying to be cocky or showboat because I certainly have plenty of room to grow. getting out there with those guys was a huge vote of confidence because i was doing the same stuff! how cool is that! these guys are making some good money in the same company as me so that was encouraging to see i was doing the same stuff. now im excited for the part ive actually been looking to improve the most. following up and getting them signed up. I know I’m capable, I know I can do this! i feel it in my bones. I’m learning and I fell im a few steps from being ready to blow the door of the hinges. I noticed a bunch of stuff from work rubbing off on me from other people. had to take some extra steps to protect subby but its worth it. bowling opportunities are popping up too. going to be bowling state this year and doing that spartan race. most importantly the master key exercises are becoming more and more of a joy to do. I cant afford lifetime or extended membership yet. i understand if that boots me till the next start but either way I’m trusting where my journey is going. when I first took the self evaluation test I was a 28. when I retook it at the end I dropped to a 24! since 20 was a perfect score, It felt amazing to be so much closer to that. I’m starting to see my future self more everyday and starting to develop that mental picture. the fog is finally clearing up a little. gotta keep chipping away at that cement. time to go build on this and see where it goes.


mke week 26

this week has been cool, just focusing on my good habits and really starting to get into the groove of things. i’ve been keeping my promises more and more and just starting to feel fulfilled as i do things. been seeing massive changes with myself and an even further mastery of my emotions. I’m extremely proud of myself and the bold choices I make to help create my best life. also extremely proud of myself for maintaining a positive attitude through so much adversity while going through the course the first time. my co workers who i met at the beginning of scroll two have seen me go through a bunch and it’s really cool seeing them coming up to me for advice on staying positive and staying happy. definitely talked a little about mke. at first everyone though i was crazy with taking the book in everyday. the proof is in the pudding though as my hard work on myself is starting to pay off. had some doubts lately but at the same time I feel success is right around the corner. i feel more and more ready for it daily.

MKE week 25

man there has been some stuff shaking up like crazy. my guide gave me the awesome idea of taking how much i’m working into my sits. asking if i really want to be just going all the time. also its like the universe has been giving me more and more signs i’m on the right path the more i do the exercises. I was focusing on the bad habits i was falling into. masterminding with my guide and friend jorge. he told me to just focus on the good ones and the bad will fade as a result. so far it’s working wonders. It’s amazing to me how masterminding really makes a difference. how sometime we just need that reminder that gets us back on track. I’m healing more everyday and feeling better everyday. I’m late as fuck on this blog post and Im sorry for that. this past week has just been lifechanging. i started really thinking about how mark and davine built their businesses with whis material. I’ve started to buy in even more and chip away the cement more and more. I loved that we rewatched the cement Buddha clip. I feel like im ready to just take off and fly. but its one thing to say it. the line I’ve really been leaning on this month to help me get back on track is ” weak is he who lets his thoughts control his actions, stong is he who lets his actions control his thoughts.” that vienna song by billy joel hit me super hard too. just the lyrics in that song were amazing. I want to do the lifetime membership moving forward so I can really build on what I’m learning.

Mke week 24

New week new adventure, this week was crazy with the snow storm here in denver. I missed two full workdays because of it and i couldnt be more grateful, really helped giving my body rest and recharging also i feel myself healing more everyday and my drive is coming back more and more. I know i spread myself thin but i know i have time to do these things. Just need to start sacrificing more of the things that are keeping me from my goals. Gotten even better about the daily exercises. I have new Zealand on my dream wall and last night was an opportunity for me to look into. Theres this site where if youre under 31 you can get a holiday work visa in another country and live there for a year. Also someone i look up yo in my company with a much higher rank is looking for another roommate later on. They are moving to boulder from out of state. Ive always loved boulder a lot but couldnt afford that without paying my car off first. Only way i can think of that is buckle down and build the business like crazy. This week im getting lots of presentation practice in before the meeting thursday night. This week will be just me hooking up on projector and making sure everything finally works for this presentation. Everyday im thinking more about these dreams and goals as well as believing it more and more. I can get almost any strangers phone number already with the coffee shop interview. Now i just need to start following up and getting them in the door. Most of these were really fun conversations. Conversations where i have notes to remember all the important stuff for people. Helps me to remember things more and to give them more value and to make it more about them. My friend gave me a really interesting idea for how to think when following up, he asked “do you ever get excited talking to people for your business because you had a great conversation with them that left you both feeling good?” I said yes he then asked “ever think they might be just as excited to talk to you again?” It was crazy! When i reached out a few weeks ago to just 5 people i had talked to over a year ago and through text and got 4 responses. I didnt really go anywhere from there but i took a step out of the comfort zone and followed up. Network marketing feels like its similar skills to being able pick up a woman for a date. Then i thought to myself all these people on all these dating sites do networking themselves. The concept feels the same. Talk to people like crazy and keep casting the line out till you get a bite. Closed mouths dont get fed and its time for my business to get fed. Being fresh from a long relationship i have bo interest in dating any girls right now. Nows the time to buckle down and cut out distractions. I trust the whole dating thing will work itself out just by me being my best self everyday, and working on my future by resuly of working on myself. Im taking this battle inward until its not a battle anymore. What am i pretending not to know?

MKE week 23

I love how the universe just lines things up. this last few weeks I’ve been putting myself through even more but I’m improving on prioritizing. post breakup I’ve had trouble getting the drive going again but everyday is better. I’m starting to feel my purpose again. everyday has had new growth. tomorrow i will be back into the workout routine too and I’m excited. I had a flat tire the other day and had to borrow money for it but hey I didn’t even have a pity party at the time! I’m extremely proud of myself there because instead of beating myself up or dwelling I just took action and managed to find a solution without and panic or worry, and without thinking about it. lately I’ve been feeling my future be starting to pound at the cement to get out. started to get a bit cocky on part of it, but then I reverted to scroll 6 and humbled myself. now i’m taking a step back on that approach to be a better observer. this course has significantly helped for that, however we always can improve right? been on and off for the sits. still my biggest challenge but today bowling i realized a key part where it will be a game changer. I noticed i wasn’t paying enough attention to where im aiming the ball. my fundamentals have been making up for it for the most part but today I had the opportunity to practice on a pro oil pattern I think it was the don carter 39 pattern. very tough shot. I’m always grateful for those pro shots because they will make you pay when something is off. It’s a major help in practice when I’m really working fundamentals. also had trouble getting the ball out far enough that changed by keeping my elbow in more, and I feel like i had rediscovered part of my follow-through but this time with more understanding. I caught myself slipping back into the talk before listen habit and put a stop to it real fast. I’m so glad that I had my turning point about 4 years back with my depression. I didnt mark the date because i wasn’t sure but that was the day I ultimately decided i was done. done with depression, and done being complacent. obviously that second part has still been a challenge but I’ve come so far by being self aware. and doing my absolute best to be genuinely honest with myself. What am I pretending not to know? I’ve been jumping more and more out of this comfort zone everyday for the past 4 years. everyday doing at least one thing to benefit my future. I worked for a whole year just on vulnerability and another on being able to ask for help. this course has helped to be able to accelerate that. Things may be improved but I’m just getting started! I know I can do more!

MKE week 22

more and more reflection this week. it’s been hard staying productive and as a result its felt pretty dissatisfying. couple times i thought I might be spreading myself too thin with my training for my spartan race in july, training for the state bowling tournament which I jumped on the opportunity. DMP and subby helped manifest me getting that info when I did; driving lyft, working full time, doing the master keys, and building my business. It’s tough telling friends no to going out but then again I’ve been doing it for some time now. so many passions and desires so little time. honestly I’m just doing my best to keep moving forward. emotions with the ex were hitting  me hard this week. miss that girl like crazy. but then again I cant do anything about it so I shouldnt be thinking about it. still losing some people I feel like as an outcome of that breakup. no0t only have I been massively growing but everything around me is changing at the same time. at times of free time I catch myself wondering in my head and next thing I know that free time has passed. got home from working last night at about 5am. I was so tired I dont even remember anything past walking in the door. ive been falling even more behind on masterkey and other stuff with all this reflecting. but from a mental standpoint I feel like I’m gaining more clarity. for the first time in the mirror I really saw my future me. wasnt for long but I have been starting to feel more and more the future me fighting to come out too. I feel like I’ve got so much more room to be better with my emotions and I am so damn grateful that these scrolls have literally been basically what I needed each month for each months challenges. I am so grateful for scroll 6 and how it focuses on emotions. I’m excited to master them and to grow through this. Ive got a plan in mind. now just gotta keep moving keep being nice to myself but at the same time honest with myself. I’m extremely grateful to be in this course, and how i’ve made it this far along I dont know. I’m just grateful for how things have turned out. even the ex girlfriend stuff even though it hurts. I’m grateful for the lessons that are coming from it and I’m just trusting that when it comes time someone better will come along. someone who wont try to force me into a mould of some perfect little robot for their judgemental family. anywho I’m off to do my sit before work, you guys have a wonderful day

MKE week 21

WOW! that’s all I have to say for this week, it has felt very unproductive but very productive at the same time. there was lots of me not doing a lot of things i should be doing through the week. I was just so in my head that by the time i went to do something next thing I knew the time was gone. I’ve really started pouring as much emotion as I can on scroll 5 and really have been digging deep. I’m starting to recognize more of my faults, but more importantly I’m recognizing what to do to build on them to turn them into strengths. I asked the bowling alley what tournaments they have, they said the next one id be able to do would probably be state! this would be the biggest one ive ever done so far, but I figure why not! I’m going to be getting more info on  that when I go in monday. tomorrow i have a tournament in the morning got a days notice for this one but it’ll be great practice. I think one of my next investments will be some sort of setup so  can film myself practicing so I can better review what I’m doing and mastermind with some other bowlers who are currently closer to where I’m headed. emotions for the ex came back strong this week. still lots of major life changes coming from that breakup. one of my old mentors, he was my upline or my company. he jusmped ship with everyone else. even though I’m starting over by myself I feel like there is so much more opportunity. I get to have a clean slate. I get the opportunity to be better than I was before moving forward. I may be barely floating along but I am committed to become my best self! everyday I gain even more control over emotions or I grow in some way.  my old mentor threw a curveball at me big time. I asked him to come show me where to plug in so i can get my presentations on the projector. not only did he bring a friend, act all weird. kind of like he was this big boss man. I tuned out a lot of what he said especially with the other company spiel. the thing that bugged me was two different things in particular. one was saying how I need to let my ego go and jump ship just because everyone else did. the other was saying how in order to build I need leadership qualities that I dont have. also got it from my mom too, but her criticism was much more helpful. she gave me some ideas to think about that can actually help. I felt mostly bad talking to her with how she said everything but there was one glimpse of her believing in me in there. when I told her what mark told me about the leadership skills she interrupted to say I do and then complimented me on how far i’ve come with my people skills. I’ve focused my sits on reflecting this week. the last couple days have been better. I’m getting stronger everyday. and I’ve come to the realization. It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks of me, what do I think of me? What do I plan to accomplish? who should I spend more time being around to help me get where I want to be? If I could never fail what would I do? what would I go for? now a lot of this is answered through the DMP but I’m starting to wonder how I can improve it! I refuse to stay down. I always get back up and I always persist forward! My purpose is the most important thing for me to work on and it’s time to start pursuing it relentlessly! P.s. the two questions “what would the person I intend to become do next?” and “what am I pretending not to know?” are the main questions I’ve been taking into these sits.