MKE week 6-7

things have been manifesting like crazy and im realizing more everyday just how sensitive this stuff is! been diving deep into the unknown head first because why not? there are no limits! the more passion, fire, and enthoooooosiasm I throw at this stuff the more it worked! been running around with my head cut off a bit but im grateful for all the blessings that are coming,. making great progress on the bowling game and just before we hit another stupid fucking shutdown i shot 13 games today and brought the go pro. had angles from the next lane over from my center of my chest, forehead, behind and side veiws. almost shot my first 300 today with a go pro strapped to my forehead. had a 6 spare in the 7th frame that lead to a 276. thrown more than enough for a 300 just not in the same game. the resources I need for things in my dmp have been flowing to me easily. this has been a reward for my faith in jumping into the unknown head first. I can see beyond the road I’m driving! the one thing ive been doing excellent on this time around has been the sits, i think im almost ready to flip to lesson 2 in the master keys, been hard on myself with gaining control of the body. i think i can do it when not in the shower although doing the sit in the shower helps a lot. its hard sitting still while getting hit in the face with water. everyday and everyway always getting better and better! just gotta keep moving forward!

mke week 5

man keeping up on these blog posts has been my biggest challenge this time around, glad its this and not the sits though! those have gone excellent! things are manifesting in big ways! its amazing how much comes from thinking, speaking, and believing! its a good feeling when you start feeling like youre creating alongside the creator! bowling game is coming back hardcore, last week i threw so many gutters in practice and started rough only to finish strong on my games. I was happy about those gutters because im getting more confident playing the outsides of the lane where the magic happens! this week I completely dominated my opponent with much higher scores. even though i hadnt gotten any practice in all week, visualizing does a lot! going bhowling with a friend who has shot may 300 games and 800 series confirmed what I was working on! im excited to build on that this week! fingertip pushups are doing wonders there! got much further in the tiger kung fu Kata/tao lu lim learning! bout to hit up my aunts friend in tanzania about being a porter. i want to climb kilimanjaro for free. I dont mind carrying extra stuff to do so. they dont even gotta pay me! if they cover my food just like they would the other porters that would be incredible! starting to be brave enough to dream of the life I really do want! as far as network marketing goes I’m picking up the phone and calling more this week! idk why that phone still gets so heavy when all i get are good responses nowadays. interviewing people, listening, and actually giving a shit are going so fucking far!

mke week 4

sorry for the delay on this one, things have been manifesting so fast my head is spinning! I had to talk about the guy in the glass like it was another person for a long time! it was the only way I could face him. after some healing words over marco polo from davene I was finally able to accept that person as myself. Then…things took off! I’ve spent a lot of time with myself learning to be a better friend to myself, learning to me more forgiving, loving, and compassionate to myself. amazing because I used to hate myself relentlessly! now Im coming farther in my journey to love relentlessly. finally going back a little bit to take the good parts of who I was becoming before I fell in the trap of making a prison out of the opinions of others. that shits horrible. I was asking opinions on how I could improve instead of simply just improving. i learned that its a waste of time asking others what they think of me when most people dont even know what they think of themselves! My problem was my cage of others opinions more so than smoking pot although I’m working up to that one too. unlike the first two years there was something different this year! I’m getting better and better with the sit! the last two weeks have been almost flawless on that aspect!. I’m proud of myself because I have been stepping up my game in a lot of areas and have made some real progress toward getting my shit together. the bowling game is coming back hardcore too! finally getting comfortable playing the outside edges of the lane again where the magic happens! I’m excited to get back into tournaments and Dominate my way into the PBA! It’s going to takeme building off the wins, being patient, and continually progressing. the average pro carries a 205-215 average. I carried a 226 for either 36 or 38 weeks before! I think this time now that I’m a bit older and much more mentally stable. I’m my own friend instead of mortal enemy now! plus im starting to understand why I did a lot of the things I did. doing yoga now and taking better care of my muscles. back to practicing fundamentals even at home without the ball. back into some martial arts, almost down to a full split! also getting better at jump rope. jump rope, yoga, martial arts, and meditation have all served the bowling game well! im looking at fast twitch muscle groups as well as flexibility, mobility, leg and wrist strength and even finger strength! fingertip pushups hurt! but I’m improving. starting with some Katas in kung fu. I have a tai kwon do background with very strong legs and I can get most kicks up to head level. the splits have helped me get lower with bowling. jump rope has helped speed, footwork, hand eye Quordination, posture, burst, timing. and meditationhas helped my body and mind be on the same page and create space for new lessons and things. learning to be more patient in conversations and bit my tongue and listen more. picking up shapes like crazy! got a few new faces out for some of my own networking events. I feel less need for others support being my upline. not like theyve been much help so far anyway. I’m taking my business and life into my own hands and stepping up. I cant expect others to live up to my standard, I have to go back to playing at my level! those who can keep up will be right alongside me as we jump and make some fucking dreams happen! I’m not waiting around for anyone! my habits are improving and my life is improving! I gave myself permission to let my dreams take flight! I’m going to take more from this year than any other year before and I’m going to give love like crazy and be of massive service while having fun and enjoying the process! Believe it!

Mek week 2 this stuff really works! Life is like a reflection lets embrace it

So there has been lots of major breakthroughs, was talking with davene and she pointed out i was treating my friend in the glass like a different person when its me. I was ready to accept that reality. I had to talk to them like a different person at first because I used to hate what I saw. Now I can love the guy staring back at me. Been reading the DMP everyday with enthooooooooosiam and manifesting stuff like fucking crazy! Started to let go of everything heavy and asked myself. Whys it gotta be so heavy all the time? Whys the process gotta be hard? Why don’t we flip the script and make the process fun! Theres been so much going on my heads been spinning! Im excited to give you guys a more detailed update on Friday and there’s going to be some crazy shit in there! Seeing blue rectangles everywhere! For now im going to hit the blue rectangle that says publish up top and get to work! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 😀

MKE week 1 round 3

starting this year with a little catch up but I’m so much more determined and much more excited this year! got one of my best buddies doing it with me this year and I’m super excited about that!!!!! I am friends with my friend in the glass already and talk to him a lot nowadays! leading up to this I was reading the action scroll and even though I finished my application this week I have been on scroll 1 doing my reads. got like 3 sits in this week too! just making it more fun and I’m excited to keep going where no one is willing to go. little did I know years ago when I first started diving inside and facing all the ugly dark painful things in my mind and my heart that I’d find the one thing everyone is looking for on the inside! just sent the guy in the glass poem to a passenger I had last night. literally told me that I saved him from killing himself that night with some different perspectives. one thing I did to was look my friend in the glass in the eye in front of him and say “I fucking love you!” all this did was show him it was possible! I’m excited to spread some more love to this person and everyone else. first I must keep working with my friend for more love, compassion, and forgiveness to myself so that I can give others the same grace! here’s to another kick ass year! had 3 different hospital visits in the past 48 hours while covered head to toe in hives and itching profusely. its a different kind of hell! especially when they are on your hands and feet. spreads anywhere I scratch but not contagious. my body has been through hell these past couple days, made the sit super hard when you’re that itchy but went 30 minutes today! Ill have my first rough draft DMP in tomorrow night as I finish catching up! 😀 I’m fired up for this this year! survey is in and this part is in now! lets keep moving forward!!!!!!