Mke week 15

Man that was a bummer. So I had a last 2nd bell pull out automatically which kind of put me behind the ball even more. Really need to get my car payment this weekend so I don’t get that taken I was just about to pet and it was $10 higher than I remember. Literally have 84 to my name and I have to make another 570 by Monday not including the gas itll take to earn all of that plus what little ill spend on food, gotta go cheap food thatll fuel my body, probably just going to eat a lot of eggs. Thats shits cheap, fills you up, and gives you energy. I’m not going to sleep much and probably going to be killing my body this weekend. I spent the other day working out lots of payment arrangements with different bill collectors which will help got the insurance progress is push further along with the people that had backed into me. I don’t think the let me make up 3 weeks it might even being four by now.  I’ve been doing my best to keep up with all the exercises but these finances are killing me. Everyone wants money at the same time lol.    I just got a laugh and keep moving forward because even though the situation my look or feel kind of hopeless I know that the world within create so well without cell I’m getting my best on that regard to keeping my thoughts Positive. I’m still doing the exercises and doing my best on those. If it’s been too long i understand and ill be back next year if i am allowed to catch up i think tuesday would be a doable as time to get in the pif, that way i have less chance of working myself sick this weekend. Sundays are usually super slow too so im going to have to pray for a great Saturday.  Even if I can’t continue on this year I’m going to make every day count and do my best to build on these habits so that next year I can try to go without missing any days or falling behind. I love you guys thank you for all of your patience with me on this front. I understand either way on how it plays out. Regardless of the turn out I’ve become very addicted to breaking off this cement and that has been going on since i was about 16 i started working on myself. At that point it took everything to just get out of bed, im 25 now so i guess its been about 9 years.  The amount of personal development that I have put in has been insane and I definitely feel it. In that time I have overcome PTSD, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, learned how to better manage anxiety, (no prescription meds just good old brain power) where and how to ask for help, be vulnerable, listen, be patient, generate happiness within, always getting better at controlling my thoughts and building new habits, and always being a better observer, always getting better at asking better questions which has lead to better conversation skills, and the best thing is ive learned how to really lead with my heart without fear of judgement. Its given me so much more freedom to be who i am and find out more of who i am. The more honest with myself that i am the more i get to uncover, the better friends i can become with the guy in the glass the more my happiness has followed. Theres so much power with being able to say i love you to the guy in the glass and mean it.   Sometimes if my negative thoughts come in and come in too strong I’ve been able to recognize it and I’ll just run up to a mirror and say “hey fucker! I love you and youre better than those negative thoughts and dont you fucking forget it” ill ask myself things like “what do you want?” When im not sure and when i catch myself holding onto the past too much something thats been helping is ill look myself in the eye and say “i love you so i give you permission to let go.” One of the biggest things off my first time around my guide jorge at the time told me something that hit so deep and so hard. I was beating myself up for fucking up on my new habits i have been working to create. He said the easiest way to replace an old habit is to simple focus all of your energy on the new habit and the old one will fade.” That one was powerful! Im grateful for everything love you guys, peace!

Mke week 14

  1. I am excited I should finally finally have enough to night to where I can get my pif and get caught up.  Scroll for is helping a time mentally I recently worked myself sick again which personally is like one of the most DE motivating things I know of.  This week has taken so much out of me it’s crazy but I’m no quitter I  Persist until I succeed and I know I’m loading my player so much but I also know that these sacrifices will pay off

Mke week13

Leading up to Christmas was a challenge. I was putting my body through a lot between trying to get some money and having every curveball thrown my way with all of my passengers,  And not making nearly enough because I ended up getting sick as a dog. I slept a total of 9 hours in 3 days and that really put the nail in the coffin. My mom needed the house appraised so she could lower her payments I stayed up all night cleaning and helping even though I was on 4 hours of sleep and awake for over 20 hours. Since then I was so badd with my voice say I couldn’t hardly get a few words out without just being in excruciating pain I have then power sleeping and power resting to try to get this sickness out of the way as soon as possible as well as giving my body anything that I could think of to help. Also been really good about not smoking this whole scratch which has been pretty awesome! My 1st priority when I get back to work tomorrow is to get enough for my insurance so that way I still have insurance on the car then my next 80 bucks will go to my pif.  I know I have to play a little bit of catch up but I’m glad that I got caught up before the pif!  I’ve been giving everything I have to each week and it would suck missing out due to finances however if I get kicked for being a week late then I am prepared to just carry on anyway by myself because I’m no quitter. I’m confident that I can catch up as soon as I get this in.  Today I felt better than any of the other days and actually had some energy to do a little bit of work around the house actually I did quite a bit around the house making it the place clean as fuck again.  When I had my brief stint outside of my parents house up in Boulder it was really cool because I started to appreciate a clean space and how much it really did help my mind. My friends call it fung shway.  I probably spelled that wrong my it’s a Chinese term and it’s comes from having cleanliness and  it helps bring peace and mental clarity.  My next few days I plan to be putting in quite a bit of work, the finances should continue to be getting on track. I’ve been working my ass off and I’m grateful that the money that I need is coming!  I’m also grateful for the $12 that I do have to my name as well as the half a tank of gas that I have I have been in much worse spots and I’m grateful for what I have and am looking forward to when those numbers are much bigger. I know it starts with my thoughts but I also have to take action as well. I also know that my thoughts will lead to action so I’m doing my best even with bill collectors calling me left and right which has happened pretty much through this entire course as well as the entire last time I took this course and pretty much for quite some time. At least the last year or so On and off. The fact that I’ve been able to keep my mind positive and make this progress that of them making regardless has been outstanding and I am proud of myself. Even if no one else is proud of me I am proud of me.  I’ve spent my time in the darkness and I’ve gone more than my fair share of suffering. Everyday I’m just seeing this life Spring forward as the Slingshot is released. It might be scary and I might not know anything for sure but one thing I do know is that over the last 8 years I have taken all the courage that I’ve had and all the faith I’ve had in believing that I can do anything I can set my mind to. And even now I’m chasing a dream that no 1 else can see I feel like I’m on the right path and I know the it’s not easy because it hasn’t been.  Most people would probably think I’m fucken nuts with how I think and with how driven I am to make these dreams manifest. Not only the dreams but also to find my best self I’m continuing to talk to the guy in the glass.  I apologized to him for stopping talking to him. I used to be friends with the guy in the glass a long time ago so it’s definitely nice to be able to get acquainted again. Maybe I couldn’t look at him because when I was saying all that negative stuff about myself and calling myself worthless and stuff back when I was depressed.  Deep down I knew it was a lie. I knew that I brought more to this Earth. I’ve always been very talented at a lot of things and have always been able to learn really quickly and then be able to adapt really quickly. These things will only improve as I continue to be a better observer. Not just of my thoughts but also the things that I surround myself with, the things I choose to watch or listen to, the people that are around me.  All of it makes an impact. What am I pretending not to know? What would the person I intend to become do next? One step at a time 1 day at a time I’m here I’m Marching to a new drum and I’m ready to take this life back!  All of my shortcomings and all of my hard times were made as a result of my world within and personally I feel like they were given to me to teach me what I needed to do to get where I want to go. It’s like the “bargaining with life for a penny” Poem “for once you set the wages why you must bear the task.”  From a young age I asked for big things maybe that’s why I’ve had so many challenges by every challenge I get to learn from. Every challenge has a lesson and every lesson brings me closer to success. Other people may not understand my struggle and especially may not understand my sacrifices. these I have been making daily for the past 8 plus years. How many weekends out with friends that I’ve sacrificed how many late nights and early mornings. How many times I’ve worked my body sick from overworking my body and just putting in too much. At the end of the day people can’t acknowledg what they haven’t experienced or felt. It’s not their fault. I have chosen a Path that is less followed. It may have More obstacles and challenges and it may have taken me through some crazy things. At the end of this path though I have a feeling that there’s going to be something special i just know it! I feel it in my bones!  I’m a night and day better person than I was and every day is going to compound over time. Im not even recognizing myself on a weekly basis and i feel like im growing at a rate anyone outside of this course would only dream of. Im only 25 years old and life has given me lots of lessons that most people never learn in a lifetime. Things like vulnerability, asking for help, listening, being honest with myself to the best of my ability, the ability to change my thoughts and create new habits, and coming closer to mastering the art of generating happiness from within. I may be a yellow and its so hard for me to just focus on one thing, im a very deep and analytical thinker and its a blessing and a curse. Its saved my ass so many times and helped me be aware of opportunities, its a curse because overthinking can be paralyzing.  None the less when a lot of people would rather run from their dark thoughts. I want to face mine head on because I’m not about bottling  that shit up anymore. And I deserve a life that’s not filled with negativity I’ve simply put in too much to quit. I deserve more and i will be more. One day at a time one step at a time i persist and keep moving forward!

Mke week 12

So I must say I’m pretty proud of myself this week although I didn’t hit all of my weekly goals I was much better at doing my sit.  I made a minimum of 5 follow UPS A-day. Had lots of adversity this week a ton of negativity from my mom.  Especially trying to get me to settle for a normal job while I build my network marketing business.  I left my normal job back in May for a ton of different gigs in the gig economy. Its been a huge stress relief not having to kiss a boss’s ass, besides im the best boss i ever had! Been masterminding with my uplineas well as everyone for our group, we lacked structure so i created it.  I’m not sure if I put it in my last post but I threw together a team calendar with all of our events. And sat down with my business partner devon and hammered out a dmp, hes got lots of good leadership qualities but like me has his fair amount of flaws, one of the biggest is being present. Ive lovingly called him out on the negatives since awareness is the beginning of change. Also welcomed him to call me out on any of my fuck ups so that way we can push eachother to grow.  I did a good majority of the sork on the mission statement and asked around for some pointers. He sas talking about doctoring it up a bit so ill hear him out, however anyone ive shared this tough draft with so far have loved it. Our mission statement is, “we believe in giving back to our communities by joining hands in service. We lead with love and compassion to create a strong community infused with gratitude, health, integrity, and trust.”   Go pro was amazing it was super cool getting to learn from alot of the top earners in my profession.  I’m coming home I lost me voice most of it has come back except for my high notes which really sucks, however I’m also proud of myself  So far because today is 2 days in a row without smoking, also I was offered it twice today and turn it down both times. A while back I was listening to this video by this guy named Trent Shelton.  It was talking about improving your life by subtraction. When it brought this up I was about to hit a fat Dab. Dabs for those who dont know is thd same as hash, just concentrated marijuana.   My throat and more specifically my vocal cords have been feeling it.  I like to think that I have a pretty good singing voice. Isn’t it crazy how a lot of The Times we don’t move in our lives until something hurts us enough to make us move?  It’s just like the golden Buddha story where it’s talking about something breaking off a piece of our armor. I had to ask myself what I’m pretending not to know, Along with my lungs just having trouble and just coughing out stuff for no reason it came obvious that what I was pretending not to know was I was pretending that the dabs were not the problem. Obviously they were because I was taking like two per night sometimes four in A day and sometimes more.  This has been a thing for over a year in a 1/2 pretty much consistently. I’ve smoked weed pretty much every night consistently for about a 4 to 5 years. Im only 25 and I have berets a esophagus on my lower end due to acid reflux, which is about as bad as the esophagus gets. Smoking i feel like makes it act up and a lot is my diet. I need to start a food diary. Lost a lot of my saturday driving because my bodys been lethargic.  Especially since friday night I decided to do my sit in the tub since i needed a shower and my shower heads broken. Fell asleep in there at around 3am during the sit woke up at 5:30 with my back/neck a bit jacked. Then went down to the middle floor bathroom to brush my teeth since its the warmest soom in the house and i was so cold it was hard to move. I fell asleep another 50 minutes on that bathroom floor, just had no energy and my body was screaming at me about sleep so i knocked out my night time exercises and hit the hay about 7:00-7:30ish am and in my bed this time but slept till 1 that day had no energy and had this argument with my mom. She got mad at me for being so open with talking about things like suicide.  If you don’t know me then I have had  My fair share of attempts. When she told me that I didn’t have a life that hard  And gave herself way too much credit, it rubbed me the wrong way. I think her for her contributions financially and for her were in Ass off to keep a roof over our head.  But also from an emotional standpoint, she was never there.  I was in a place where all I could feel was hatred and anger and pain. It took everything I had everyday to just get out of bed. I have play in so much over the last 8 years or so that it’s absolutely insane a lot of people would cringe at just how much time I’ve spent working on myself. I think my mom for her help where she did help but also told her that even though she doesn’t like the story it’s my story it was the hardest fight of my life and she can’t take that away from me. I share so openly because you never know when somebody might just commit suicide to day and they could be just 2 people over from you. It’s amazing how you can save a life will simply a smile. That’s why I have a habit of always smiling whenever I make eye contact with Anyone. My mom’s lack of support just set me on fire. I told her and my brothers that for 90 days I need to run with this network marketing, And that I would love their support but if I don’t get it I’m doing this anyway. If I follow up with at least 10 A-day for 90 days I should be in fantastic shape as far as business goes. I do this by   Leading with my heart and just being my best self and living my best life. I’ve got to put myself in a position to get health insurance by the time I turn 26 in june.  After a solid argument with her and also just doing a little bit of cleaning just so I can be in service,  Literally every passenger I had  Was ridiculously negative.  This rubbed off on me a lot especially being a bit of an empath.  It was OK though I had a talk in the mirror with my friend. I looked back inside And saw that depressed and suicidal kid.  The one who thinks hes not loved or worthy or priceless or awesome,  The old me who couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. The part of me that kept getting up and giving my best every day even though it took everything I had just to get out of bed.  I said I love you and told him that I was going to prove him right that that greatness inside of him and inside of me  Is able to be called out. I also said “daniel, not only am i going to match your achievements in life, but im going to meet you at the post and pass you at the grand stand.”  I said I love you again and that I believe in you. I have shown some crazy feats of perseverance but somehow I still struggle with self worth sometimes. Crazy feats like overcoming PTSD, Got about 99% control over the depression. Every now and no negative thoughts people am I have to just let them go. I look for the lesson in everything I can learn.  Dwelling on negative emotions is like poison for your heart and soul.  My battle with depression was by far the hardest of my life. A couple other examples and persisting, Ran a Spartan super this year which was 8 miles and 25 obstacles. It was a 100゚ out and we get about 3000′ of elevation on the course. Going into this I had an angle and back injury I couldn’t live my back just 2 weeks before. 7 trips to the chiropractor later and I was sitting about 80% on both my back and ankle.  My strategy was slow steady and careful. I dug deep and focused on my own race but I was thrown a major curveball less than a mile in and at like the 3rd obstacle. If you can’t pass a mouse the color you can skip it but if you skip bed then you have to do 30 burpees chest to the ground before you can move on.  The 3rd obstacle was twisty monkey bars and my gloves slipped on the 2nd to last ring and I fell hard. Knowing that I could get across I asked if I could just do it again and hopefully avoid some burpees. However there was a bigger plan ahead least universally in mind. On the 3rd try after falling hard again on the same ring for the same reason,  I made the huge mistake of taking my gloves off and trying it again. Since it was over a 100゚ out bar was very hot and the same thing happened again as when the gloves slipped but this time it felt the same and it was my skin. Fell again hard and look at my hands and saw 8 different reasons right there to quit. It hurt so bad I couldnt keep from tears.  Went and washed my hands off in the stream  And was wondering why I’m doing this.  I was encouraging everybody else so much that I didn’t have much left in me. So I started talking myself up and started to think about all of my training that I put in.   All of those pull ups,  Lots of weighted burpees as well as just some progressions that I learned in my time with T25 with my own spin on it. Before I got hurt before the race I was in the best shape of my life and feeling better than ever so getting Holly’s injuries just before really hurt. After washing off my hands in the stream,  I dug deep and did my burpees. Right after I met a couple named pedro and rocio.  They just so happened to have a ziploc bag in their bag full of clean rags. They gave me one which ended up helping me significantly through the race. It was nice having something clean to hold on to to help keep the dirt out. Definitely didn’t fully work by also helps just having something to pressure in in also just have something there to hold on to that was clean. I had tears going down about half the race but I kept persisting forward one step at a time and one obstacle at a time.  It was humbling a got me to a point where I had to ask for help on some obstacles that I normally would be able to do. Thankfully these guys Bryan and Craig helped me out on a few obstacles with a boost. I still attempted every obstacle and did all of my burpees  For any obstacles that I could not pass. Thankfully I had a second period gloves since I left the 1st one back at the twisty monkey bars. This really saved my ass.  Every time an obstacle require hands I through these gloves on and even though every time I grabbed something  It felt like my hands were being stabbed by a knife. Every time I took the gloves off to give my handsome air and grab on to his towel again then it felt like I was literally peeling my flesh off of my bone. It wasn’t intense race and I was pacing near the very top until my injury and  That definitely slowed me down significantly.  What was already a big task became a very big task  Once my hands where fucked.  There was also a tire flip and honestly I was quite relieved that a guy asked me for help because I was having some trouble.  You can team up on obstacles which is awesome because it encourages that teamwork and I’m so grateful for all the awesome people on that course. I finished the race in about 4 and a 1/2 hours. Also the summer in September I did 2 14ers  An obstacle race and went to my company’s convention. 1st fourteener was bierstadt That 1 wasn’t too badd about 4 hours at in 2 hours down for somebody who doesn’t exercise regularly total trip took about 4 and a 1/2 hours for me.  Then did A terrain race which wasnt super hard but it was kind of cool because I didn’t get very muddy and managed to avoid it. I know that’s kind of the point by I wasn’t feeling it that day.  There was a muddy Hill for people to slide down with a muddy pit at the bottom. Now any sane human being wouldn’t do what I just did on this period.  Instead of sliding on my butt like everybody else I surfed down that fucking hill on my feet and jumped the pit.  I almost hurt myself on the landing but it turned out super awesome I wish someone was recording it  But it wasn’t a possibility because of it being on the course. By the next week I had developed plantar fasciitis and it hurt bad to walk on both feet.  The next task was Longs Peak. It was my 2nd 14er  That I’ve summited. I made the jump from one of the easiest 14 years to the deadliest in the state. It’s only a class 3 however there some stretches where you have like a 3′ Wide ledge and you’re above a 1000′ drop in full exposure. Total hike was about 15 miles round trip.  It was all super rocky and ran out of water with about 4 miles left in the entire trip. To combat the excruciating pain from my feet I wrapped them to put pressure on, threw some moleskin on the back of my feet to help protect the back of my feet from my shoes, and invested in some insoles for plantar fasciitis.  This helped a lot by a didn’t make it a whole lot less painful.  I had a 30 pound bag and the entire hike from start to finish took about 15 hours straight. When we were climbing up that mountain being so high an altitude and in some crazy spots it was like stopping to breathe moving 5′ and then stopping to breathe again.  When you’re that high up in altitude it’s very important to take your time and take long slow breaths because you need to get that oxygen to your muscles. I was talking myself out of summiting all week  And everyone thought I wasn’t going to the top. Thankfully while the other 2 went way ahead my buddy Matt was staying with me and my pace which was very appreciated.  I did do the same for him on bierstadt but still it didn’t take away from how awesome it was. The views were absolutely incredible all the way around. All I could think about was dying all week. I made sure to talk to all my brothers and mom and dad before even though my mom told me I was stupid. My brother gave me a very interesting perspective. He simply said “that would be a cool way to go.”  And I reminded myself of what I have told myself so many times and how short life is and why I need to  be bold.  I started asking myself “what if I make it to the top? How will it feel when I come back Victorious?”  Once again I had every reason to back out. And when it came down to it I persisted through. One dumb thing on my end glass the fact that I could have torn my plantar fascia and would have needed a boot for months and wouldnt have been able to walk for a while.  It was a big risk, but the reward was so awesome!  I’m glad I was bold enough to do it. As far as my pif  Goes I simply don’t have the funds right now however I am finding a way to get them so that way I can hopefully get a in before the end of the week so that way it should be pretty easy to catch backup. I do have my workbook from last year so I can at least use that for a reference in the meantime. I may have struggled alot and can definitely work on my consistency  With the exercises. I can honestly say that I’m doing my best and every area of my life and I feel like the more I get to grow and learn about how my brain works as well as how emotions and thoughts work on an even deeper level  I should continue to improve. I persistent until i succeed!

Mke week 11

This week was  all over the place!  Went out to go pro in Vegas. While go pro has the distraction of Vegas I chose not to buy into it. Got some quality time with the team,  And stayed disciplined through the trip. I slept about 4 hours and night.  There were a few fires to put out within my team between the guy who’s my up line And another team member. Both of them came to me to vent complaining about the other person and I managed to get them to talk to each other and actually hear each other out. There was lots of growth to be had all around. I stuck to my affirmations daily and I was even better about my nighttime rituals. Went to Vegas on a $200 budget going to go pro. Thankfully I have been learning a lot more about money and at least my mindset around it. I’m pushing myself so 3 to 5 follow UPS A-day so that way I can build this business.  So far during the Vegas trip and just yesterday I’ve gotten mostly caught up on my master key exercises. And I’ve created a team calendar on the band app. Where I have all of Our weekly events on my page as well as all the convention advance and the links to get the tickets. Working on a mission statement this week with my business partner we have teamed talk a couple things out Buy it should be good just trying to get everyone on the same page so we can progress in harmony. Having some trouble getting the full attention of the Room still bites the more I serve that should definitely change especially if I lead with results. That just means it’s time to hit these phones a bit more. At Vegas I got to see speakers like Eric Thomas who is probably my favorite motivational speaker that guy helped me Talk positive about myself before i had the strength to do it myself.  Ellis super cool getting to see him on stage and he had an awesome energy. Also got to see Grant cardone and obviously Eric Warre,  Lots of other huge speakers and huge earners in the profession as well.  Had sana very powerful moments in that crowd spanning 22 hours over 3 days with all of these speakers and just being the biggest sponge I can be.  There was one speaker who was talking about raising vibration and it was crazy because I when doing a lot of these exercises for about a year and a half now  I wanna say.  And it was crazy to see that somebody who is making so much in the profession was doing a lot of the same things that I am. It definitely gave me much more hope and trust in why I’m dea And it was crazy to see that somebody who is making so much in the profession was doing a lot of the same things that I am. It definitely gave me much more hope and trust in why I’m doing here.  All signs pointed Jimmy coming to the conclusion that I need to double down on the master key while also  Doubling down on calls. Time to start leading from the front and continue improving my life in every area, im getting out out of the rat race!  I went through all of my expenses in have written them down got my whiteboard written out with my weekly goals and now it’s time to you hit it plus I get to update my DMP this week because part of it came true! That part was going to go pro!

Mke week 10

Wow got to learn so much this week it’s been character building for sure, its ok that these challenges have been in front of me because i will persist until i succeed,  One of my neighbors keyed my car this week over a parking spot so now I get to file a police report which is not fun I’ve got it narrowed down to 2 people on which 1 of them it would be. I did a really good job at handling that as I do a lot of things you know one of my biggest weaknesses is not giving myself enough credit when I do quite a bit.  I might not feel strong but every time that I’ve had an obstacle or any time that I’ve been knocked down I have not stayed down.  Building some momentum then killing my body this week definitely not sleeping enough. Die dream board is coming together pretty nicely and for everything else I’m just squeezing everything in where I can. Definitely helps when you have a master my partner my master my partner has banned out of the game so just like a lot of last year I’ve been doing quite a bit by myself. I have been utilizing the answer key group on Marco Polo which is amazing and I’ve just been opening up there and encouraging others to talk and it’s been turning into something pretty beautiful. Getting to see my fellow people open often get to grow in their lives as well is extremely encouraging. It’s definitely a different feeling not doing things alone because doing things alone is almost all I’ve ever known. My environment at home is improving having that time in Boulder and away from my mom helped a ton and I just keep killing her with kindness and keep just loving her and just leading with my heart and it’s definitely been making a huge difference one thing that I’ve then working on is being able to step back and hear somebody else’s perspective and put my emotions to the side. I’m not ignoring my emotions by all I’ll take a second away in process and enough to where I can hold them back long enough to listen.  Made up big time with the maintenance guy who’s at the town homes I live in got off to a very rough start.  Because I lead with an apology and also The intention to understand because I want to see his perspective he appreciated it so much That I got a card later in the day with like $50 in chili’s gift cards. It truly is amazing how far the little things really go and it’s definitely amazing how much it makes a huge difference at the end of the day the elders need a little love and understanding

Mke week 9

Almost fully caught up, been working hard and also cutting up shapes, the room is under dream wall construction at the moment and it’s been a challenging week, we got a few days of snow since we had a huge snowstorm! Worst I’d seen in a while. Been visualizing mt kilimanjaro quite a bit this week it’s been popping up everywhere in my head, then I thought to myself why not manifest it being free? I’ll plan for it as if it wasnt but why not give it a go? I mean crazier things have happened right? I’m imagining myself with that kili warriors group since you have to hire porters, it’s a 6 day journey up kilimanjaro. Tallest free standing mountain I  the world, its nickname is the roof of Africa. Sits above 19,000 feet and its snowcapped on the equator. At first I was thinking July but lately I’ve been thinking I should see when the great migration is as well maybe hit 2 in 1 on the trip. I’ve been imagining some different ideas to better immerse myself in my dreams before they get here. I’ve been noticing more cement that I get to work on too on these past few days as well, I’m having so much trouble with the sits, I’m thinking of starting back at the beginning on the sits, if I’m going to do something I should do my best to do it right, how cool would it be to hit all those meditations without missing a day?